Good News is Good

by Scott Lewis, Brightworks CEO

As the atmosphere’s CO2 level lurches towards 400 ppm and three-eyed fish are turning up in lakes adjacent to nuclear reactors, it’s important to remember that sometimes good efforts produce impressive results.


image via s.atlantic news agency.

So we were tremendously excited when the UN World Health Organization reported earlier this month that the Millennium Development Goal drinking water target had been met, and three years ahead of schedule.

According to the WHO report, 6.1 billion people, or 89% of the world’s population, now uses “improved drinking water sources” such as piped supplies and protected wells.  Two billion people gained access to these improved sources over the ten-year period from 2000 to 2010. 

Recognizing there is still much work to be done  – over 800 million people still drink dirty water worldwide – this rate and level of improvement is reason to pause and recognize that sometimes, when enough people make the right kind of effort, significant, meaningful results follow.  We’re not finished, by a long shot, but at least in this one area, real progress is being made in the right direction.  Good that.

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