Key Sustainability Conference Themes: Scale, Nature and People

Nicole Isle, Brightworks Sustainability Advisor

By Nicole Isle, Senior Sustainability Advisor

The end of October will prove to be a busy time for conference-goers in Portland. The joint Oregon and Washington APA planning conference, the Portland Sustainability Institute’s EcoDistricts Summit and the Net Impact Conference will equip sustainability thinkers with new energy, new ideas and a broader network of support. I’ll be attending and speaking at all three, and from the conference agendas, I see some interesting common themes: scale, nature, and all things human.

Working backwards, the people piece will be big. On-the-ground implementation and the issues hindering behavioral change, community action, and equality will prevail at the EcoDistricts Summit.  APA will wrestle with the notion of community livability in a changing world – resiliency, preparedness and forging new partnerships will be key discussion topics. Moving from public to private sectors, Net Impact will sharpen MBA students’ business case for sustainability in the corporate world. The foundation of the business case is heading back to the basics, as nature and valuing ecosystem services will be key discussion topics at all three conferences (I’ll be speaking about Biomimicry for both the APA and Net Impact). Lastly, scaling up sustainability in the built environment is all the rage and EcoDistricts is gaining serious traction. This concept is even catching the attention of APA for the first time, with sessions featuring Rob Bennett from the Portland Oregon Sustainability Institute and Brian Geller from the Seattle 2030 District.

What’s still missing from these events? Maybe that simple systems perspective to connect all of the dots. I’m waiting for a conference to drop the typical siloed “session tracks” and focus on systems thinking like idea integration and causal relationships. But until then there is still plenty to learn, and I hope I’ll see you out there!


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