Forest Rant

A Call To Action

The non-profit US Green Building Council, which created and administers the industry standard green building certification system called LEED, is poised to decide whether to weaken a very important forest protection provision within the LEED standard.

Love Forests

The provision is within what is called the “Certified Wood” credit of LEED, and pertains to what 3rd party certification standards are accepted for the LEED Certified Wood point.

Currently, only the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard is considered acceptable within LEED.  Under intense pressure from members of the forestry industry who do not follow the strict FSC requirements, USGBC is considering allowing competing standards to be accepted along with FSC.

But NRDC, one of the most highly-respected national conservation groups, says “The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) runs the only credible forest certification program.”  (see source here)

Don’t let this happen!  Make your voice be heard.

For more background on the issue, see:

The US FSC web site, here.

Yale did a comparison of forestry certification standards, which supports FSC as the only meaningful certification standard,  here.

Go To USGBC’s Web Site, and Comment Now!

You don’t have to be a USGBC member to comment against the proposed change to the Certified Wood standard.  But the deadline to comment is this coming Sunday, March 14th.  COMMENT, NOW,  Here.

If you are a USGBC member, you can opt in to the consensus body by Wednesday March 24th to be eligible to vote on the final proposed credit revision, here.

In case your browser doesn’t support embedded links, the URLs above are:




Comment Now-

Opt In to the Consensus Body –

— Scott Lewis

Brightworks CEO


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